Bourke-Martignoni, Joanna. 2020. The Right to Food. In Research Handbook on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as Human Rights. (Eds) Jackie Dugard, Bruce Porter, Daniela Ikawa and Lilian Chenwi. 138-159. Edward Elgar Publishing.

This chapter discusses the historical development and content of international, regional and a selection of national frameworks on the human right to adequate food and inter-related rights such as the rights to land, water and other natural resources, work, education and social security. The final part of the discussion focuses on several of the emerging issues connected to the promotion and protection of the right to food in the context of feminist critiques of food systems, food sovereignty movements and the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and peasants, the creation of corporate accountability frameworks and the challenges that climate change poses for the realisation of the right to food.

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