Recently, Ghana’s News Outlets are vividly reporting on continued conflicts between Ghanaian farmers and pastoralists from Niger, Bukina Faso or Mali at Agogo, Ashanti Region.

Fulani herdsman

The conflict has been ongoing for about two years but remains unresolved. Farmers are complaining that the illegal pastoralists’ cattle is destroying their farms and depleting water bodies. Ghana News Agencies report that attempts by local farmers to talk to the so called ‘Fulani’ (illegal pastoralists from Bukina Faso, Mali or Niger) has resulted in outbreaks of violence. Violence includes destruction of farms, armed robbery, rape and murder. Over the past two years 11 deaths are accounted to the presence of the Fulani.

The situation is very tense. Of late, female farmers are being acommpanied by male family members to their farms or the market for safety reasons. Where available men are carrying arms when attending their fields.

The most affected area is Agogo, a town about 80 kilometer east of the Ashanti Region’s capital Kumasi.

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